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He did the crime and now you pay like all slaves

Okay criminal crawl over here and get that tongue of yours busy on my cunt! Yeah lick me off or it is more ball kicking for you!

Girl with the knife is going to remove his balls

According to all tests, you don't qualify for manhood, you are far from it. You are just too... small, sweetie.

Her soles are almost clean so he can lick

Look who's here hunny! My feet want to make love with your tongue.

Not able to cum in chastity

I'm beginning to think you enjoy the feeling of pain and frustration that chastity cage cause you and not being able to cum slave.

Slave needs more facesitting training

Sometimes your wishes are better stay only wishes. This dude, for example, was not expecting a girl of his dreams to be such a teasing facesitting bitch!

Cumming is not allowed or she will take his balls

You can take a chance and stroke for me as much as you like, but if you cum, I'm taking your balls.

Ejaculated after just two minutes of cock stomping

Are you kidding me? Cumming already after just 2 minutes of cock stomping? You miserable worm that cannot hold himself when woman is doing her job!

He always has to swallow his load

Strict discipline and cumming on command are the cornerstone of femdom lifestyle. Cock torments, tease and denial are nice additions to the list and performed depending on the mistress mood

She loves nerds naked, collared and leashed

Goddess looked backed at the nerd that had been naive enough to ask her on a date. She never said no, but she only fucked real alphas with big juicy cocks. When it came to little losers with micro dicks, she would drug them and tie them down in her house.

Getting a job in the office full of superior women

Well Mr. Murphy, your background is perfect, the tests went all right and so did the interview.

Then, am I hired, Ms. Goodbar?

Destroying male ass with strap-on cock

Ohhhh, yes, Baby! Open wide for my big black cock! I know you only talked me into pegging you last week, but I cant get enough of it!

Femdom slaves do not get a vote and has to female feet

Did you just refuse a command, bitch? I...

I didn't mean to Mistress. I just don't want to ruin my lipstick!

Loser husband is going to be a sissy

It is time for you to face the facts. You are never getting out of that cock cage and maid uniform. Ever.

That MILF cunt sure tastes good

You want a little cummie so bad? First on your knees. Lick that pussy and then kiss each toes! And say something nice each time you kiss me!

She will let you lick her boot in exchange of canning

So you want to worship my boots, lick kiss and taste the leather? The price is 36 strokes of the cane, full force on your naked ass.

Femdom sub caged down in a basement

It had been Lexi Sindel idea to cage him down in a basement, locked in his collar and cock cage, of course.

Facesitting girl is having her camel sniffer off now

What a fucking pervert you are... What the fuck is wrong with you, miserable cunt-loving slave?

Extreme CBT is combined with oral teasing

See, controlling a man is a lot like lion taming! Beat him enough and he'll finally get around to doing what you want, but never let your guard down!

Loser has to wear maid dress

I know you were really excited about getting out of that cage tonight, but I'm afraid there is a change of plans.

Small-penis slave is kneeling in front of his mistress

Well, we could try to fuck once, but with your tiny dick we'll probably both end up disappointed and I'll never talk to you again.

Very small chance of removing that chastity cage

Chastity cage is a small things that is putting men into deep frustration. Locked and denied is normal state every miserable slave should be permanently in!

Femdom bitch is handling the cock

What's the matter slave? Aren't you looking forward to our daily tease session?

Hot bitch have a big sex toy for your ass

Your mistress asked me to come and make sure your cute little ass didn't set lonely with her out of town for a whole week.

Femdom slave is licking wide open pussy

Yes, honey, but it's what I like. And you know that's all that matters, if you ever want out of that little cage again. Now get your face under here and let me rub all up and down over you. Yes, like that.

Slave is into worshiping legs and feet

Fresh out of my high heels, massage my tired soles with your nose. It amuses me when your face carries a pungent foot odor.

Submissive slave is licking femdom mistress

I need to cum. Come here. Kneel. When we are done, we're going to talk about a few new rules I want you to obey. But for now, I want you to do a really good job.

Foot worship femdom training

Honey, meet my new friend Tara. Get on the ground and show her how your cock gets hard when I make you suck my toes. Wow, he's really turned on!

CFNM slave is exposed in front of sexy girls

Just look at him! Naked, handcuffed and chastised. He's so helpless and he's begging me with his eyes like a little puppy! I think he really needs to cum. We should let him out.

Loser is kneeling besides the mistress and licking her shoes

Haa-haa! I know loser I look so hot in my leather pants and high heel boots. I'm not wearing any underwear either... I never do.

Bitchy wife is controlling your life

Darling, if I let you have an erection, you are just going to want to touch it and then you will want to stroke it.

Balls beating and destruction

See, I feel that you are getting, if you'll pardon the pun, too cocky lately. You're forgetting that the same thing that makes you a man also makes you very weak.

Bitch is controlling slave with the leash

OK, bitch-boy, here's the deal! My little pet here is gonna suck your worthless cock while I'm gone with my lover, but you better not come! I want your balls all full and churning with come when I get back tomorrow morning!

Extreme feminization femdom training

No, this is the deal: If you're going to be with me, you are going to be the bitch! That means I dress you up, all nice and pretty and you can be the girl in this relationship!

Beautiful whipping mistress is enjoying the punishment

Femdom slaves are different from other men. They willing to submit to beautiful woman instead of desiring her. Here is an example of how miserable looser going on his knees in front of gorgeous blond.

Male slaves cuffed to BDSM rack and fucked in the ass by women

Solo dominatrix is fine but for some reason it is more exciting when two or more women are joining their efforts in femdom training. There is a couple of hot bitches doing their job out on the porch and you are welcome to see what is on their mind.

Tied up husband is forced to blow cock (Aug 2013)

Prepare yourself to the worst day of your life. Your slutty MILL wife had teamed up with her younger lover in order to turn you into a sissy cuckold. Here is how it is going to happen.

Worshipping female feet (Jul 2013)

What is the worst kind of femdom humiliation you can think of? Being spanked, tied up or fucked by girl? Not at all! Becoming peed on - that's when woman shows a male the place where he belongs.