MILF wife and her lover are turning her husband into a cocksucking cuckold

Prepare yourself to the worst day of your life. Your slutty MILL wife had teamed up with her younger lover in order to turn you into a sissy cuckold. Here is how it is going to happen.

Late in the evening he will show up and put you in bondage by force. Your clothes are going to be removed and a plastic cock cage is going to be placed around your manhood. Wife will keep the key so you'll never to be allowed to get hard and cum again!

Husband is having his cock locked in a cageTied up husnabd is forced to blow cockSissy husband is forced to swallow cum

Tied up and helpless you are not going to be able to anything about your wife and her lover fucking you from both sides. The bitch is going to use huge rubber strapon cock to penetrate you in your ass while the guy is going to shove his dirty cock deep in your throat. You never though this is going to happen to you but here you are: naked, in bondage and sucking someone's dick, like a worthless sissy!

Wife is bangubg her spouse in the assWife is fucked while cuckold husband is watching

The worst thing is about to happen later when you are going to be thrown on the bed and forced to watch the guy banging your wife. Your eyes are just two inches away from the her wet pussy taking his cock all the way down. You can smell the juice dripping out from the cunt but there is nothing you can do to stop this. Finally the guy cums all over your face spraying some semen into your moth. This is the first time in entire life you tasting and swallowing another men's sperm. There is no way back and from now on you are officially a cuckold! You aren't allowed to get hard anymore and you are going to be turned into a perfect sissy trained to serve strangers with your ass and mouth while they are fucking your wife! How do you feel cucky?

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Dominatrix is peeing on slave for not licking her soles right

What is the worst kind of femdom humiliation you can think of? Being spanked, tied up or fucked by girl? Not at all! Becoming peed on - that's when woman shows a male the place where he belongs.

Femdom slave is licking feet and sucking toesWorshipping female feet

Imagine yourself naked, collared and crawling on all fours towards the Russian Mistress. You are looking forward to worship her feet and she allows you to use your tongue. But with no experience you are doing something wrong making your dominatrix angry.

Dominatrix is peeing on her subUltimate form of femdom punishmentSlave is forced to lick the pussy after peeing

She gets up, takes her panties down, steps over you and starts peeing. Salty urine is streaming down to your chest, splashing onto your face and all over the place. Then mistress pulls you by the hair and forces to clean her up. Licking each and every drop of pee left you start understanding that she is a superior woman and you are nothing more than worthless swab born to serve girls.

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Phoenix Marie is showing off her advanced femdom skills

Phoenix Marie is one of the hottest pornstars ever and normally it is her getting fucked in front of the cameras. But today it is totally different and Phoenix herself is going to take full control over your sorry ass!

As a femdom slave you are going to enter the torture chamber where Miss Marie is sitting on the throne like a queen. Going on your knees and worshipping her feet would be a good thing to start with.

Phoenix Marie is the queen of femdomFacesitting pornstarSlave is smothered with massive tits

Sexy blonde then will going to warm you up with whipping. Then she'll go with the smothering, covering your face with her massive boobs and facesitting you for a many long minutes. Were you fantasizing about the way it would feel to have gorgeous woman sitting on top of you? Well enjoy then!

Slave is chained and his balls are clampedPainful anal strapon sex

Femdom action would then go to its hardcore phase where Phoenix Marie is going to attach steel clamps to your balls and fuck you in the butt. You'll have to bent forward and open your ass wide so she'd penetrate you with a huge rubber strapon cock. You always enjoyed watching pornstars getting fucked but it is all totally different now: the pornstar is fucking you!

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You have to keep still and silent while Phoenix Marie is destroying your ass. Dominatrix is going to use your hard cock to pleasure herself but keep in mind that worthless femdom worm like you isn't allowed cum inside. Masturbating on her feet is the only thing you can dream about!

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Hey sissy! Get on your knees and lick sexy feet of a beautiful dominatrix!

Hot blonde, long legs and high heels: looks like you are going to worship sexy female feet this time. Dominatrix Mandy Dee is in need of a sub to clean her toes and soles. Anyone for the job?

You'd better take your clothes down fast and put that tight leather collar over your neck! Mandy is having a whip in her hands and she'll use in case of you being slow or disobedient. Don't forget to attach the chain leash to your collar and get on all fours otherwise Miss Dee is going to give a couple of painful lashes to your ass.

Dominatrix Mandy Dee is see-through dressMistress don't want sissy slave to look at herHigh heels trampling the femdom slave

The girl is wearing an extremely naughty see-through dress but a sissy like you aren't allowed to look at the mistress. You have to be focused of her feet so get your face down and be prepared for toes licking! Mandy was kind enough to give you a little warm-up by trampling you in high heel and giving a few good kicks to your balls.

Feel free to wank and cum all over her legsLicking toes and worshipping bare feet

It is time for the superior blonde to take down the high heels she was wearing and let the sissy femdom slave to do his job. What are you waiting for? Start with the toes and then move on to her soles. She'd probably reward you in case of good licking. Would you like to be allowed to wank on her sexy feet and cum all over? You'll then have to clean the mess up by using your mouth again but it is definitely worth doing!

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Femdom story about Lady Sonia trampling and cock teasing her slave

Femdom mistress Lady Sonia

A beautiful example of femdom art today! Enjoy the view of a gorgeous mistress Lady Sonia does kinky things to her spread eagled male slave. This femdom story presented by goddess Lady Sonia personal site. This lady knows how to handle male worms, so do not waste a second and visit her place for quality femdom and fetish stuff.

But let's get back to the gallery. This male is visiting psychiatrist, but today he is going to receive a different type of treatment. Undressed and collared, he is put on a couch and restrained with tight leather cuffs. In just a few minutes this male finds himself spread-bound and fully controllable by a gorgeous MILF mistress Lady Sonia. Would you like to trade places with him and receive a warm welcome from such a hot lady?

Lady Sonia femdom trampling

Lady Sonia shows her beauty and sexuality during the femdom story. She takes off her skirt and pulls her breasts out of the blouse. With males slave nude and his mistress wearing sexy clothes, this scene turns to be a nice CFNM femdom episode.

And how about those long legs of the goddess? They are simply amazing in those black stockings! I guess your crotch receives a warm feeling as you look through her legs and ass. It would be a great thing - to fuck a MILF woman in these nylons!

MILF lady femdom trampling

Lady Sonia teasing her male slave by playing with his cock. But at the same time she denying him from ejaculating, making his torment intolerable. She adds some cock trampling to the scene, by using her knee to suppress the penis and balls. What a femdom story!

Then there is a cock spanking goes on. Lady Sonia is having a small whip in her hands and she uses this punishment tool cruelly. Male slave goes to the very limit of cumming with every single stroke, but mistress keeps him in control. Some trampling adds a kinky spice to this BDSM training scene. Lady Sonia has her perfect foot wearing black high heel shoes witch are used for cock trampling. Amazing!

Beautiful femdom butt of Lady Sonia

Finally, here comes a relief for the sub: Lady Sonia is ready to receive a full load of fresh cum on her beautiful legs. Mistress goes on top of her slave and makes a few final moves with her hips, getting her feet stained with sticky cum. What a lady! You could cum ten times just watching her, and I can imagine how great it would be to spend a few hours with her for real!

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Mature mistress Danica Collins in this femdom story

This femdom story is about a male slave punished by a really sexy mature dominatrix. Her name is Danica Collins and she is the hottest MILF you've ever seen. Busty lady with hard body, tan skin and wearing nothing but stockings: this is a female domination dream come true! See amazingly hot Danica in action!

It is nice to be dominated by young girl, but it is much more exiting for a male to be trained by a mature woman like Danica Collins. I've asked lots of people who enjoy femdom stories and most of them prefer to see a grown up, middle-age female a mistress. Why? Who knows? Maybe the roots are in our childhood when there where this sexy teacher you would really like to punished by?

Talking about femdom stories where mature lady is dominating men I can't come up with better choice for the gallery to chare you with that this one. Danica Collins takes full control over the next miserable slave and, oh boy, is he the lucky one!

Danica Collins is famous for her love to kinky outfits, pinup posing and doing sexy lingerie modeling. But on the other side she fits perfectly for performing in a nasty femdom stories. Today is one of these episodes where Danica is having her slave tied spread eagle to the wooden cross. Leather cuffs hold his wrists and ankles tightly while mistress moves around and makes many painful strokes with her whip.

What excites me a lot in this femdom story is the way dominatrix look. Basically she is almost naked but that what makes this scene very special for me. Beautiful mature woman is wearing nothing but pair of black fishnet stockings and classic high heel shoes. What a pleasure it would be to be twisted with these sexy legs and to be smothered with these big breasts of Danica! There is lots of controversy about the size of the tits of a perfect dominant lady, but I will stick to my opinion: big boobs are a must!

After whipping and slapping the butt of her slave in the first part of the femdom story, Danica Collins unties him in the second part. Allowed to crawl on his knees after the mistress, that worm is really happy. He uses his tongue willfully for pleasuring Danica by licking her hot butt. Watching a lady like this getting worshipped by a male slave will make thousands of femdom stories fan's cocks hard in seconds. Would you like to go there and lick her instead? Busty cougar will reward then with a nasty handjob and then she'll suck your cock dry: Danica Collins really likes the taste of cum!

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Male violated by nurses in this femdom story

Would you like to be a part of the femdom story where not one, but two sexy nurses put their hands on you, turning into submissive slave? Your body will be used as a doll to study and there is nothing you can do about this captivity: those ladies are of truly dominant type!

Undressing in front of sexy nursesHot blonde shuts up a femdom slave

Every male has to do the medical examination regularly, but it happens sometimes that visit to the doctor's office turns out to be terrible CFDNM femdom story. This male was not expecting anything bad from his next medical examination and took his clothes on doctor's request. Imagine how what a big surprise it was for him when blonde nurse asked him to shut up and then started exploring his cock and balls with her hands. Femdom story starts with a small penis humiliation! What's going to happen next?

Femdom story about male ass tortureFemdom story about double strapon penetration

You've probably heard about the way studs are being handled? The same shit happens with this poor guy: after degrading penis exploration there is more terrible things are being done to him. Femdom story continues with another humiliation: ass exploration. Undressed male is put on all fours and have his mouth gagged with the smelly panties of one of the nurses. Then his butt was invaded with both: girl's fingers and weird medical tools. I just can imagine how painful that is: to have your ass hole spread wide with cold steel!

Wait a minute: there sluts are putting on huge plastic cocks! It looks like the femdom story is right in its middle where there is a bizarre strapon fucking is going to happen! Let me reveal a little secret: these hot sluts are going to do the double penetration: one is going to fuck the femdom sub in his ass while the other will do the mouth fucking. What a pitiful humiliation for the male. I guess he'll remember this for the rest of his life and will never visit doctor's office ever again.

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Lady boss punishing her employee in this femdom story

Would you like to be involved into a femdom story where you were invited to your boss office to discuss your performance? Do I have to mention that your boss is a really sexy lady and she is very upset with your attitude? It looks like this is going be a tough conversation.

Femdom story about BDSM pussy lickingMan tells the femdom story about being fuckedHorny lady fucking tied up male

The fact that sexy boss is of dominating type becomes an unpleasant surprise for you. It takes her just a few minutes to humiliate you verbally and then to turn the whole femdom story into nasty BDSM punishment. You find herself kneeling on the floor with your mouth tape gagged and the most part of your clothes ripped off. There are a two mouse traps attached to your balls and there is a crotch rope runs deep is your ass. Strict dominatrix is using a leather paddle to whip your body from bottom to the top.

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You weren't mistaking when thinking that this is just a beginning of violent femdom story. The next half an hour you spend being bent over the table with tight rope bondage holding your body under control. There is a few degrading things are done to you by horny mistress. At first she spreads her legs right in front of your face and pulls your head towards her shaved pussy. There is nothing you can do but use your mouth to fuck her clit orally.

Femdom slave is fully controlled by his mistressKinky story about femdom anal fucking

At the very next moment you notice the girl is putting on huge strapon dildo and then sticking it deeply into your butt. What a pain and humiliation! You never thought that this fantasy femdom story could go so far. But believe me there are more dab things are going to happen with you before she'll let you go.

What would you say if I'd tell you that dominating lady boss is going to put you in tied spread eagle bondage pose on a couch, she'll use her gentle arms to make your cock hard and then she'll string her pussy on it. Being tied up, ball gagged and fucked by female boss is one of the kinkiest things that might happen to you!

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