Licking those boots is a privilege you have to gain with canning

Dominatrix Eleise de Lacy is going to cane you first and only then allow you to polish her boots with licking

So you want to worship my boots, lick kiss and taste the leather? The price is 36 strokes of the cane, full force on your naked ass.

Or maybe you want to wank over them as well, that price is 60 strokes. So, how much of a boot whore are you, how much pain are you willing to take to touch my boots.

Mistress is wearing military uniform made out of black leather
She will let you lick her boot in exchange of canning
She likes to cane men while they worshiping her shoes

Do you want 36 strokes or the full 60 strokes or walk away never having the chance to taste my boots again?