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Just look at him! Naked, handcuffed and chastised. He's so helpless and he's begging me with his eyes like a little puppy! I think he really needs to cum. We should let him out.

But wait baby... remember what a proud arrogant fuck your boyfriend was at the beginning? Before I suggested to lock him up in that device?

Locking plastic chastity cage over the cock
CFNM slave is exposed in front of sexy girls

And now he's basically our little pet, drooling all over himself. Sure, he's pretty frustrated after he watched us fuck for the last three hours but imagine what he'll be like in a few months from now and what he'll be willing to do to get out of his cock cage and bondage. He'd literally worship us. And didn't you always want a mindless, desperate slave at your feet sweetie?

Girl is grabbing slave by his balls

I... I guess I did... you're probably right, babe. Great! Now lick me again, his muffled pleas make me so wet!

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