Slave lives his life in denial, locked in a cage

Caged slave is denied of orgasms but sometimes sexy mistress is allwing him to cum and eat his own semen

It had been Lexi Sindel idea to cage him down in a basement, locked in his collar and cock cage, of course.

Lexi had loaned him out to all the girlfriends and he spent many hours cleaning and doing all the household work being humiliated verbally and kicked in his balls. What a miserable slave he is and how degrading his life is: to serve women and to go back to his cage when finished.

Caged slave orgasm denial training
Femdom sub caged down in a basement

He could not hear much from down in the basement, but sometimes there is a reward he receives for being quiet and submissive. It is when mistress comes down to take his chastity cage off and stroke the cock.

Allowing slave to ejaculate after many days of denial
Collecting cum in a bowl for slave to eat it all

Slave ejaculates very fast after the long time in denial. All he has to do now is to lick and swallow his own cum and put the restraining device back over his miserable penis!

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