Gorgeous mistress expects you to lick her smelly and sweaty feet

Femdom Goddess was wearing high heels for the entire day and now needs her feet to be licked and massaged

Fresh out of my high heels, massage my tired soles with your nose. It amuses me when your face carries a pungent foot odor.

Rub your face in it boy, it's like a warm damp smelly cushion for you. Good, I can see the sweat on your face.

Goddess has her feet nice and sweaty in those high heel shoes
Slave is into worshiping legs and feet

Now take my shoes and put them in the closet. It is TV time and I need a long foot massage. And my friend Lily is nest to be serviced.

Mistress feet taste so nice when they are sweaty
Femdom slave is trained to serve women with foot licking

Being a maid to a beautiful Goddess and her mate has it's perks some time alone with her high heel shoes after a sunny day is worth the humiliation.

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