Mz. Berlin does perfect femdom bondage and strapon sex scene

Photos of mz. Berlin does perfect femdom bondage and strapon sex scene

Here comes the busty redhead mistress Berlin to teach male whore a lesson. Enjoy fresh femdom story featured by Divine Bitches.

Mz. Berlin looks terrific! Just take a look at this perfect redhead babe posing in strict business suit. I just love watching her sitting there with her legs crossed and smoking a cigarette! Mistress is waiting for her slave to be delivered. An empty room is ready for some femdom action and here they start.

Male slave comes to the scene as a package: he is wrapped in white sheet and wrapped with ropes. His helpless body lies on the floor and waiting for Berlin to start. Dominatrix unties naked male and starts her femdom punishment by playing with his cock. Watch Berlin twists and squeezes slave's dick with her hand, causing a lot of pain and pleasure.

Berlin spanking male slave (May 2009)
Berlin fucking with tied male (May 2009)

A few minutes later, Mz. Berlin takes her suit off. The only clothes left on babe are black lingerie and pair of kinky stockings. Mistress takes leather whip and starts a spanking punishment. Nude male sub lies on the floor and taking painful slashes with his back. I love the sound of these punishments!

Being a horny babe, Berlin wants to be fucked. She hardens the cock with her mouth and arms and allows the slave to penetrate her. Just take a look at this deep femdom vaginal sex scene! Mz. Berlin strings her pussy deep on that hard cock and receives a lot of sexual pleasure. Her body is being shacked with a few strong orgasms.

Being fucked hard, Berlin is now ready for the next femdom punishment: facesitting. Male slave lies on his back and have bizarre dildo gag in his mouth. Mistress uses the sex toy for another hard fucking scene. She smothers and facesits her slave. That is amazing!

Berlin facesitting (May 2009)
Berlin anal femdom strapon sex (May 2009)

At the very end of the femdom story here comes the time for anal femdom sex. Berlin puts on her rubber cock and drills down slave's ass. Just listen to those screams and shouts of bound slaves as cruel sex toy violates his butt! Berlin does a perfect job with this filthy male whore. She performed one of the hottest femdom scenes. Wonderful!

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