Femdom stories - page 5

Female domination pictures and movies - kinky femdom stories about male slaves punished by hot girls - page 5

Sexy mature lady in see through wooly (Nov 2010)

There are a lot of things that matches with mature pantyhose: short skirts or high heels for example. But let me show you really sexy footwear that will make your heart go faster. Check out Lady Sonia wearing classy tight boots. Her feet looks just amazing and I hope you'll like this as much as I did!

Femdom story about cruel butt invasion (Oct 2010)

Dia Zerva is widely known for her BDSM modeling as a slave, but in today's femdom story she is going to show her femdom habits. It looks to me that in this scene Dia is doing a kinky interrogation on a captured male spy. The girl is dressed really sexy: Leather high heel boots, tight corset and that military hat makes her truly irresistible!

Teacher small penis humiliation (Oct 2010)

I've got a really exiting small penis humiliation story for you. It looks like a classroom where a naughty schoolgirl got poor marks for her homework. Upset with this fact, sexy girl takes advantage over the teacher and turns him into helpless femdom slave.

Femdom story about high heels worshipping (Oct 2010)

A lot of people are visiting my femdom stories blog and asking for some latex action combined with CFNM. I've got the exact episode where classy Lady Sonia is wearing tight rubber body suit and dominating her undressed male slave with high heeled feet. What can be more exiting, than cruel trampling?

Cock crushing is a part of small penis humiliation (Oct 2010)

DragonLily is a well known professional in the world of femdom. This dominating lady does her job like a pro and today she was invited for small penis humiliation training. Her slave is already undressed and have his hands tied behind the back. I love the fact that mistress is dressed in classic Japanese outfit: this clothes makes her irresistible.

Femdom mistress spanking kneeling slave with her hand (Oct 2010)

A lot of men got their hearts go faster when they start thinking about CFNM femdom. Getting undressed and degraded y a beautiful and powerful woman is a really exiting and educational adventure. Check out one of these submissive boys gets humiliated with the dominating skills of Maitresse Madeline.

Sexy lingerie fits this mature woman perfectly (Oct 2010)

Lady Sonia is back to tease you with her sexy body and long legs. Instead of wearing her favorite mature pantyhose Sonia is posing in stockings today. But let's be honest - who cares what she is having on her feet as long as they are so attractive! It seems to me that pictures have been taken in the bedroom where this sexy lady is dressing herself up to spend a day in the office.

Medical tools cock measurements in this femdom story (Oct 2010)

Femdom usually uses hardcore BDSM methods to punish and humiliate men. But the truth is that there are a lot of other ways to degrade a male without the need of using ropes, cuffs and whips. Let me show you one of those kinky femdom stories where a self confident guy turned into a submissive worthless worm by two sexy doctors. Images presented by the Medical Femdom website.

Girls laughing during small penis humiliation (Oct 2010)

A lot of femdom fanatics prefer small penis humiliation to be followed with hardcore BDSM punishments. But the truth is that men with tiny dicks can be degraded in everyday life, where there are no signs of BDSM torture or femdom CBT action. is all about these embarrassing situations when girls discover that man love machine is so small. I hope you'll like Hey Little Dick as much as I did!

CFNM fedmom slave queening (Oct 2010)

Let me take you back to the world of kinky CFNM femdom fantasy scenarios where naked male slave are being dominated and punished by cruel dominating ladies. Military service is one of these places where women might have enough power to do whatever she wants to male. I've got the exact type of femdom story and I would put a few pictures here with pleasure.

Small penis smashed with high heel foot (Sep 2010)

It's a big problem for man to have tiny dick. Being unable to satisfy woman sexually is a disaster, but it turns out to be a really serious trouble if it happens to meet dominating lady like Maitresse Madeline. Painful BDSM punishment and small penis humiliation are the things worthless man have to go through. Just like in the gallery from Divine Bitches that I want to show you today.

Embarrassed male examined (Sep 2010)

There just a few places in the everyday life where naked male could face a dressed female. Medical institution is one of them. Naked boy degraded by a medical examination can be easily treated as a CFNM femdom slave. How cool is that! I know a perfect website Medical Femdom that is fully devoted to this particular type of fetish.

No panties put on this mature pantyhose lady (Sep 2010)

Everybody loves the classic flesh-colored nylons. Black stockings are one of the most exiting things woman can put on. But while mature pantyhose can also look good be very sexy. When is worn by a beautiful female those are simply irresistible. I hope you agree with me about the fact that Lady Sonia is one of the sexiest mature babes in the world?

Undressing male is so shy (Sep 2010)

Previously we've been talking about the harder side of CFNM femdom as of male BDSM punishment. But the truth is that a lot of boys thinking about CFNM as of exiting sexual adventure, where they in the middle of clothed females and getting worshipped by them. I want to introduce you a really nice website that is all about this type of clothed female naked male action.

Mature pantyhose legs used as seduce tool (Sep 2010)

Lady Sonia is not only using her mature pantyhose legs to pose for a photographer, but she is also using them to seduce boys. Look at the gallery I've prepared today where the beauty of Sonia's feet takes her to another sexual adventure.

Small penis in plastic casing (Sep 2010)

Check out another episode of small penis humiliation presented by Divine Bitches. Mistress Lorelei Lee is having full control over her femdom slave. Check out the methods of punishment she is using to torture helpless male sub.

Femdom punishment for a slave with small penis (Aug 2010)

Lexi Belle is a pretty young nymphet that really loves to fuck. With a body like her it is not a problem to find a one time lover. But today she is going to be really upset with her classmate that does not meet her requirements in the field of cock size. Check out nice small penis humiliation episode presented by Divine Bitches.

MILF cunt pleasured with sex toy (Aug 2010)

Lady Sonia is back with more kinky images of mature pantyhose fetish. Today this beautiful woman is posing in the office and playing with sex toy.

Sexy mature is going to receive a cumshot (Aug 2010)

CFNM femdom can be of different types. Some people like it hard, when clothed dominating lady uses all kinds of BDSM equipment to punish naked male slave. But there is the other side. Just like in the gallery I want to show you today.

Danica Collins dominating male slave (Sep 2008)

Here is some lovely fetish for you today. Sorry gang: no femdom bondage or strapon domination today... But we have something better than that! Enjoy perfect femdom mistress Danica Collins in the gallery from Lady Sonia

Leggy MILF posing in pantyhose (Jul 2010)

Do you remember your school teachers? I guess everybody had that elegant lady who was in her early 50s but still sexy as hell. You've spend hours dreaming about her mature pantyhose legs and your secret dream was to hide under her desk and take a look under her skirt.

Husband spanked by his sexy wife (Jul 2010)

There are thousands different femdom stories available around the internet but nothing is near as exiting than a fem dom bride fantasy. Pretty wife turns out to be a bitchy mistress as soon as she takes off her dress. But the worst thing is that she turns her husband not only to bondage slave but also to a cuckold sissy. This is just the type of story brought you by Divine Bitches.

Sexy mature wearing long leather boots (Jun 2010)

Mature pantyhose fetish is a really good thing to mix with other types of kinky adult play. Check out sexy mistress Lady Sonia posing for you. Do you want to join this classy lady when she in the mood for a little femdom play? Do you want to become a part of another femdom story for this perfect babe?

Slave forced to lick his mistress (Jun 2010)

Maitresse Madeline is here today to show some really serious BDSM action mixed with CFNM femdom fetish. She's having a really submissive male whore at her disposal in the BDSM chamber provided by Divine Bitches.

Black girl queening white male (Jun 2010)

Don't you tell me that you never had a dream of being dominated by a black bitch! Being a subject of interracial femdom story is really sexy thing to think of. Just like the one that is presented by Divine Bitches website. I've got a few sample pictures posted but you may see some more here.