The reasons to keep you locked in cock cage even longer

The sight of a pesky little femdom worm in agony and suffering on a daily basis

I'm beginning to think you enjoy the feeling of pain and frustration that chastity cage cause you and not being able to cum slave.

You just seem to keep on giving me reason after reason to keep you locked up longer. Not that I'm complaining. I rather enjoy the sight of a pesky little worm like you in agony and suffering on a daily basis.

She will make you suffer on a daily basis
Your time locked up in chastity

One month extra for looking up Mistress' skirt without Her permission. And since I'm not wearing any panties at the moment which means you also saw Mistress' pussy without permission I'll be adding the additional spikes and electrodes to your cage when we get home which will stay in for the remainder of your time locked up.

Chastity pain and frustration
Not able to cum in chastity

Now get back to licking my feet clean and don't dare look up again or that one month extra will become three...

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