Extreme CBT is what nurse Cherie DeVille doing to crucified slave

Femdom clave is crucified helplessly by the crazy nurse Cherie DeVille and his manhood to be subjected to extreme CBT

See, controlling a man is a lot like lion taming! Beat him enough and he'll finally get around to doing what you want, but never let your guard down!

A hard cock is a dangerous cock! I recommend several hours of vigorous beatings twice a week to break any spirit your man may have! Remember: restrain first, then beat...

Nurse Cherie DeVille is having man crucified helplessly
Extreme CBT is combined with oral teasing
Extreme femdom crucifixion torments

Crucifixion is one of the best options to use when horny nurse is in the mood to do some extreme punishments. Mistress Cherie DeVille just have to put on her latex uniform and do anything she wants to the exposed cock and balls. Shall we begin the toruture?

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