Small penis humiliation of a plumber

This is a story about small penis humiliation done by two girls to a plumber

Every male has lots of erotic fantasies but some of them become nothing but small penis humiliation when come true. This plumber was always dreaming about being pleasured by two girls, but it turns out to be a very embarrassing for him when this really happened.

The boy was working on the bathtub when one of the girls came in and asked if he would like to have fun after a hard working day. Not knowing that this is going to be a terrible small penis humiliation for him, silly plumber started swaggering about his sexual power. At this very moment another girl came in the room and both ladies started undressing the male.

Girls expecting the plumber to have a big dick (Dec 2010)
Girls wwearing gloves during small penis humiliation (Dec 2010)
Small penis deserves nothing big laughing (Dec 2010)

Imagine their disappointment when his cock wasn't able to get hard. Nothing could make that lifeless and useless dick to stand up. Being unable to satisfy woman sexually is one of the worthiest things a man could ever do and girls know that very well. Small penis humiliation of the only thing girlfriends has to do in a situation like this. Punished and degraded with laugh, this boy will never talk about his sex skills anymore.

Pointing with their fingers at the useless sex tool, both girls are laughing loud. There is nothing for them to expect from this worthless man and they left the room very soon, leaving degraded small penis humiliation slave alone.

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