Submissive men should be treated accordingly

He is told to kneel and take two strap-on cocks at once: one from the boss and another from her secretary

Well Mr. Murphy, your background is perfect, the tests went all right and so did the interview.

Then, am I hired, Ms. Goodbar?

Not yet. We still got a final test.

I'm ready for anything. I'm really looking forward to work under... for... you... errr... this firm.

Okay, answer my question, and think carefully about your answer... do you consider yourself a feminist?

Uh... Eh... I must admit I'm not.

How come? Explain yourself.

Feminists assume women and men are to be treated equally, but I think that's not quite right. Women aren't equal but SUPERIOR to men, and thus they should be treated accordingly!

Kindly beg secretary to degrade you with a sex toy
Getting a job in the office full of superior women
Strap-on slave wants this job very much

Very well! I just wanted to confirm what your psychological test already revealed... Now, if I told you to kneel and make me cum with your tongue, would you do it at once?

Of course I would... Ms.... MISTRESS Goodbar! Nice, but that's too easy, I know I'm hot! If I tell you that in order to get to please me, you must get out and kindly beg my secretary Irma to degrade you with a sex toy?

That beautiful woman? I would, Mistress.

Good! You both can come in my office and use that couch. If your performance is fine, I foresee a brilliant future for you at my firm!

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