There is a reason I let you keep your balls worthless slave

I am going to bind down you little cock, you are going to wear panties, tight clothes and bra

No, this is the deal: If you're going to be with me, you are going to be the bitch! That means I dress you up, all nice and pretty and you can be the girl in this relationship!

I'm going to bind down you little cock to make a little clit, you're going to wear panties, tight clothes, and we'll fill this bra with falsies, for now! Once I get a little money from my gigs, we'll see about getting real implants for you! Further, I am the decision maker! I control the finances and what you say, do, and think! You talk to no one without my OK, got that? Cause I will punish you if you disobey, got that? There's a reason I let you keep your balls...

Dominatrix is holding a sissy by his penis
Extreme feminization femdom training
Femdom slut begging dominatrix for canning punishment

It won't be all bad! You will get to keep my household, do the chores, cleaning, cooking and shit like that! I especially want clean sheets for whenever I bring home a man to fuck. Don't worry! I'll let you sleep with me when there's no body else! And we'll get physical, too!

I have a whole collection of black-men didoes to use on you! But no orgasms, ever! I don't want your stick shit all over, stinking up the place! Now I'm gonna lay back and you can perform one of your duties: eating out my snatch! Good boy! I am going to reward you with the canning afterwards!

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